Stonecroft Farm
108 Belmont Street West Bridgewater MA
Karen Douglas  
(508) 588-5576 (home)
(508)245-3432 (cell)


Stonecroft Farm offers full service board and complete care of horse or pony $575/ month. Included in monthly board is:
  • half day turnout 
  • morning and night time grain 
  • hay throughout the day
  • changing blanket/ sheets when needed
  • water buckets scrubbed each day, stalls cleaned
  • hosing in hot weather

Lessons (per hour) $50

Practice Rides $30
(Practice rides must be scheduled with Karen)

Training Rides $25 

Spend a Day at the barn from 9-3 $90 (includes lesson)
ages 5 and up

  • Trucking is a minimum $100/ day (long distance is more expensive)
  • Coaching Fee $50
  • Braiding Mane/tail - Prices vary
  • Anyone interested in showing must be taking weekly lessons
  • Talk to Karen about upcoming shows and events

Horses are available for Show Leases/ Day Leases. 
Reliable Adult/ Mini/ Junior horses and ponies available for lease. 
We also lease horses for IHSA and IEA horse shows.
 For Videos of horses, please refer to "Our Links".
PLease call Karen for more information

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